Ahh, youth, that time in our lives where imaginations run wild, emotions run high, we’re making out, breaking up, and breaking out. It is a time that we look back on with bittersweetness, for all the trouble we went through provided us with some of the best memories. Growing up is a fact of life that we experience collectively. If you’re reading this, you’ve either gone through it already or are going through it now. I chose to designate this era of life as our Green Years because it is a dynamic time when we are growing and changing, whereas in our Golden Years we are wistful and rejoice in the peace of how we got there. For Youth to the People, I wanted to capture this essence and celebrate the sentimentality and expression of our Green Years. I decided to create a poster series channeling two notable artists, Lichtenstein and Mondrian, known for their contributions in two of the most spirited periods in the history of art as we know it, pop art and expressionism. All photography is from unsplash.com.


youth to the people frames.jpg
youth to the people ig carousel.jpg