Paper Doll is one of my favorite passion projects. The Paper Doll story begins with the main character and matriarch of the family, Marguerite Belle Rose, affectionately known as Même Daisy or Même. My real life grandma's name was Daisy, and I wanted to incorporate bits of my real life experience into the brand. For Paper Doll, Même was born in Bordeaux in 1932 (same year as my grandma), but migrated to Napa with her family when she was young. This is where the Belle Rose family established the winery. My actual grandma was a teacher. She could speak and write very well and she instilled the enjoyment of reading and writing into my sister and I. She is where I get most of my imagination from. In the Paper Doll universe, Même was an artist and would sketch paper dolls reminiscent of the ones her mother would sketch for her back in France. After many years, the family kept her sketches and reproduced them for the wine labels. The Paper Doll story is fictional and loosely based on my grandma Daisy. This is a project that I hope to see come to life in the future.