What if you could feel as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside? What if you got the rest you needed to wake up feeling energized and vibrant? What if you had the boost in the morning to do something amazing? The problem is that some people need an extra push, so Olly’s here to help. Taking your vitamins in the morning should be a fun reminder to be fearless, to be kind, to be brave, or simply say “hello” to a stranger. You never know how your positivity will effect others. For Olly Nutrition, I was inspired by the Mary Tyler Moore show and theme song and wanted to convey how a healthy body nourishes a positive mind or vice versa. Mixing retro photographs with pop art style illustration, I wanted to drive the idea home that when you take care of yourself, you inevitably take care of others. And that “you’re gonna make it after all.”


Olly Mary Tyler Moore-04.jpg

“Mom always said beauty comes from within, and boy, was she right. Healthy hair, strong nails, dewy skin, it all starts at the cellular level. Say hello to Olly Undeniable Beauty.”

“Some days you need an extra spring in your step. It’s all you, doing the things you love, only better. Say hello to Olly Endless Energy.”

“It’s time to sleep, but apparently, your brain didn’t get the memo. This formula will lull you to dreamland like your very own sandman. Say hello to Olly Restful Sleep.”